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Digital Tech 

          At F16 Studios, we understand the job of the Photographer is complex. Our Digital Tech services strive to simplify the Photographer's work load by overseeing the captured file, exposer, focus, color balance, composition, and file management. We also provide the Photographer with monitors and a tablet to allow viewing and shooting to be more convenient. Our ultimate goal is the free up the Photographer so they can focus on the big stuff- thinking creatively and working with their art directors and clients. 


          Digital Tech services include an experienced Tech as well as professional gear. Whether you want hands-on or hands-off aid, our Digital Techs are talented individuals with thorough knowledge of photography and editing so they can work and communicate seamlessly with their Shooter. Their retouching backgrounds also allow them the ability to make notes on comp images and communicate clearly with retouchers once the shooting process has wrapped. Our Techs are trained to be problem-solvers on set; no matter if it’s a misfired strobe, skewed composition, or a highlight imbalance, they are there to be an extension of the Shooter to make sure everything works smoothly.


            Services begin with a day rate of $350. A 'Basic Kit' is provided for an additional charge, and is customizable with several add-ons. Below is a list of what is included in our Basic Kit as well as possible á la carte items. For booking, bidding, and quotes, please visit our Contact page.


dt case_004.jpg

Basic Kit - $450

  • MacBook Pro touch bar
  • Digi Plate Lite 
  • Digi Shade Lite
  • Tripod mount 
  • 5/8 pin mount 
  • Indoor Carbon fiber legs 
  • Tethertools usb3-usbc
  • Tethertools usb3-usb2
  • Tethertools Booster
  • usb3-usbC tether cable 
  • usbC- usb2 tether cable 
  • Wacom tablet 
  • Color Checker 
  • AA Batteries 
  • Good Power supply 
  • Card Reader 
  • Spyder 5 Callibrator 
  • Apple lightning cables 
  • Compact flash cards 
  • SD Cards 
  • lease Cleaner 
  • Sensor cleaner 
  • letterman s
  • Various usb c dongles 
  • Super clamp 
  • J hook 
  • Dropbox Backup 
  • Capture One
  • File Sync 
  • Lightroom 
  • Photoshop 


dt cart_001.jpg


  • 52in Cart  - $50
  • Sun shade for cart - $10
  • iMac Pro - $50
  • Rolling stand - $10
  • iPad Pro 9.7in - $25
  • LaCie Rugged Hard drive - $175
  • 34in Lg Monitor - $50
  • Surge protected power supply - $15
    • with backup battery 
  • Stinger - $5
  • 21in apple monitor - $35
  • Foldable V-Flat for partition - $10
  • LpE6 Charger - $5
  • Canon 5DSR  - $150
  • Canon 24-70 f2.8 - $35
  • Canon 16-35 f2.8 - $35
  • Canon70-200 f2.8 - $35
  • Sigma 180 macro f2.8 - $35